[New Publication] Experimental Eye Research!

Our paper in collaboration with Dr. Chaleckis and Prof. Wheelock got published in Experimental Eye Research! Rodi (currently, Ritsumeikan University) took a lead to accomplish this project. Congratulations! Title: Spatiotemporal determination of metabolite activities in the corneal epithelium on a chip Authors: Rodi Abdalkader, Romanas Chaleckis, Craig E. Wheelock, Ken-ichiroKamei Abstract: The corneal epithelial barrier… Read More

New publication in Frontiers in Bioeng. Biotechnol.!

Our recent achievement got published in Frontiers in Bioeng. Biotechnol. Congratulations to Yoshimoto-kun, Nicolas, Kaylene and Janmesh! Thank you very much for Hirai-sensei and Jiandong for your kind contribution! Title: Recapitulation of Human Embryonic Heartbeat to Promote Differentiation of Hepatic Endoderm to Hepatoblasts Journal: Frontiers in Bioeng. Biotechnol. Authors: K. Yoshimoto, N. Miner, J. Yang,… Read More

New publication in GBE!

Finally, our recent achievement in collaboration with Prof. Murayama and Mr. Endo got published in Genome Biology and Evolution! Title: Genetic signatures of evolution of the pluripotency gene regulating network across mammals Abstract: Mammalian pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) have distinct molecular and biological characteristics among species, but to date we lack a comprehensive understanding of… Read More