[New publication] Biomicrofluidics!

Our paper in collaboration with Dr. Hirai lab at Kyoto U. got published in Biomicrofluidics! Fortunately, this paper got selected as “Featured article” and “Cover” of this journal. Congrats! Title: Gut-liver-axis microphysiological system for studying cellular fluidic shear stress and inter-tissue interaction Authors: Jiandong Yang†, Satoshi Imamura†, Yoshikazu Hirai*, Toshiyuki Tsuchiya, Osamu Tabata, and Ken-ichiro… Read More

New publication in Frontiers in Bioeng. Biotechnol.!

Our recent achievement got published in Frontiers in Bioeng. Biotechnol. Congratulations to Yoshimoto-kun, Nicolas, Kaylene and Janmesh! Thank you very much for Hirai-sensei and Jiandong for your kind contribution! Title: Recapitulation of Human Embryonic Heartbeat to Promote Differentiation of Hepatic Endoderm to Hepatoblasts Journal: Frontiers in Bioeng. Biotechnol. Authors: K. Yoshimoto, N. Miner, J. Yang,… Read More

Our video protocol has been published in JoVE online!

Our video protocol has been published in JoVE online. This experiment was based on our publication published in Small, 2017. Please take a look for the video to carry out our experiments! ABSTRACT Cellular microenvironments consist of a variety of cues, such as growth factors, extracellular matrices, and intercellular interactions. These cues are well orchestrated and… Read More

[Publications] Journal of Evolutionary Biology

Our collaborative achievement with Prof. Inoue-Murayama and Mr. Endo (WRC, Kyoto Univ.) got published in Journal of Evolutionary Biology. “Publications” page in our web was also updated accordingly. Title: Genetic signatures of lipid metabolism evolution in Cetacea since the divergence from terrestrial ancestor Abstract: In mammalian evolutionary history, Cetacea (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) achieved astonishing… Read More