Our paper got accepted to “Lab on a Chip”!

Our paper about “Blinking Eye on a Chip” got accepted to “Lab on a Chip” today! Rodi initiated and led this project! The paper has not appeared online yet, but you could find it at bioRxiv. Title: Multi-corneal barriers-on-a-chip to recapitulate eye blinking shear stress forces Authors: Rodi Abdalkader, Ken-ichiro Kamei Abstract: Human corneal epithelium coexists tear… Read More

Our paper in collaboration with Dr. Maeda (Kyusyu U.) got accepted in Phys. Rev. Res.

Our collaborative study with Dr. Maeda and Mr. Shiraki finally published the paper in Physical Review Research! The paper will be online very soon, but you can also find at arXiv. https://arxiv.org/abs/1912.03495 Title: Randomness and optimality in enhanced DNA ligation with crowding effects Authors: Takaharu Y. Shiraki,  Ken-ichiro Kamei, and Yusuke T. Maeda Abstract: Enzymatic… Read More