New publication in Frontiers in Bioeng. Biotechnol.!

Our recent achievement got published in Frontiers in Bioeng. Biotechnol. Congratulations to Yoshimoto-kun, Nicolas, Kaylene and Janmesh! Thank you very much for Hirai-sensei and Jiandong for your kind contribution! Title: Recapitulation of Human Embryonic Heartbeat to Promote Differentiation of Hepatic Endoderm to Hepatoblasts Journal: Frontiers in Bioeng. Biotechnol. Authors: K. Yoshimoto, N. Miner, J. Yang,… Read More

New publication in GBE!

Finally, our recent achievement in collaboration with Prof. Murayama and Mr. Endo got published in Genome Biology and Evolution! Title: Genetic signatures of evolution of the pluripotency gene regulating network across mammals Abstract: Mammalian pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) have distinct molecular and biological characteristics among species, but to date we lack a comprehensive understanding of… Read More

[New article available] iCeMS Frontrunners: Dr Ken-ichiro Kamei

A new article has been added to “iCeMS Frontrunners”. The tenth interview is with Dr Ken-ichiro Kamei. In the series, we interview the leaders who are active at the forefront of iCeMS, and ask them not only about their researches but also personal lives. Dr Kamei develops the “Body-on-a-Chip” technology, hoping to reduce the use… Read More

Our paper got accepted to “Lab on a Chip”!

Our paper about “Blinking Eye on a Chip” got accepted to “Lab on a Chip” today! Rodi initiated and led this project! The paper has not appeared online yet, but you could find it at bioRxiv. Title: Multi-corneal barriers-on-a-chip to recapitulate eye blinking shear stress forces Authors: Rodi Abdalkader, Ken-ichiro Kamei Abstract: Human corneal epithelium coexists tear… Read More

Our paper in collaboration with Dr. Maeda (Kyusyu U.) got accepted in Phys. Rev. Res.

Our collaborative study with Dr. Maeda and Mr. Shiraki finally published the paper in Physical Review Research! The paper will be online very soon, but you can also find at arXiv. Title: Randomness and optimality in enhanced DNA ligation with crowding effects Authors: Takaharu Y. Shiraki,  Ken-ichiro Kamei, and Yusuke T. Maeda Abstract: Enzymatic… Read More