Our research got featured by BBC Future Now!

Our research about Bodies on a Chip for animal welfare got featured by BBC Future Now! Thank you very much, Rachel! Thank you very much for my collaborators!! We keep working on it! http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20190122-how-bodies-on-a-chip-can-transform-animal-welfare?fbclid=IwAR1qxGCqhgtlsaGoP4_nw5_MecEVEiM8GkS1wtQJmGyQgKRrOanQHkO9JFQ You can also see the TEDxKyoto video about this project.

[Upcoming] The SPIRITS International Symposium -Shaping Self-Assembled Mesoscale (Bio)Materials with Microengineering- (March 28, 2019)

iCeMS is to co-host a symposium “Shaping Self-Assembled Mesoscale (Bio)Materials with Microengineering” as follows. Date March 28, 20199:20-17:40 Venue KUIAS/iCeMS Main Building 2F Seminar Room (A207) Access Attendance Fee Free Registration Not required Language English HostContact Symposium secretariatsiCeMS Furukawa Lab: furukawa-g [at] icems.kyoto-u.ac.jpor iCeMS Kamei Lab: kamei-g [at] icems.kyoto-u.ac.jp

iCeMS Caravan at Oosaka Jogakuin High School

Dr. Kamei and his colleagues of iCeMS Caravan had visited Oosaka Jogakuin High School on March 9. In this project, iCeMS scientists deliver their original active-learning program to high schools. ///from iCeMS web page/// In this 9th visit of the Caravan, four scientists including Drs Ken-ichiro Kamei (engineer), Monamie Ringhofer (ethologist, KUIAS), Shuhei Furukawa (chemist),… Read More