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Nationality Syrian
Date of Birth 01-11-1986


2016-2018   Research Scientist, Rohto Pharmaceutics, Kyoto, Japan
2014-2015   Teacher Assistant, Sagano High School, Kyoto, Japan


2013-2016 Kyoto University, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto, Japan

PhD: PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences

2011-2013 Kyoto University, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto, Japan

 MSc: Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences

2004-2009   Damascus University, College of Pharmacy, Damascus, Syria

BSc: Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Kurdish (Native level)     Arabic (Native level)
English  (Fluent level)     Japanese (Upper intermediate level)


Music (violin), Basketball, and Painting



PhD Thesis


Rodi Abdalkader. Development of novel phospholipids-based ultrasound contrast agents intended for drug delivery and cancer theranostics. Doctoral Thesis. Kyoto University, 2016
Peer Review Journal


Rodi Abdalkader, Shigeru Kawakami, Johan Unga, Ryo Suzuki, Kazuo Maruyama, Fumiyoshi Yamashita, and Mitsuru Hashida. Evaluation of the potential of doxorubicin loaded microbubbles as a theranostic modality using a murine tumor model (2015). Acta Biomaterialia19, 112-118

Rodi Abdalkader, Shigeru Kawakami, Johan Unga, Yuriko Higuchi, Ryo Suzuki, Kazuo Maruyama, Fumiyoshi Yamashita & Mitsuru Hashida. The development of mechanically formed stable nanobubbles intended for sonoporation-mediated gene transfection (2017). Drug Delivery, 24:1, 320-327


Book Chapters


Rodi Abdalkaderand Mitsuru Hashida. Focused ultrasound ablation enhancement of specific antitumor immunity (Book title: Image-guided Focused Ultrasound Therapy: Physics and Clinical Applications, by CRC press Taylor & Francis group). CRC Press LLC, 2018. ISBN 149871135

Conferences & Academic Meetings

Ultrasound triggered doxorubicin loaded microbubbles for effective therapeutic outcomes in melanoma. Presentation: 72nd Annual meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association. Yokohama, October 3-5 (2013)

Theranostic doxorubicin loaded microbubbles as a novel approach in cancer. Poster: UK-Japan workshop on inorganic framework material. Kyoto, October 10-11 (2013).

Ultrasound triggered doxorubicin loaded microbubbles as a novel approach in cancer. Presentation: 29th Annual meeting of Japanese Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology. Saitama, May 20-22 (2014)

Ultrasound triggered doxorubicin loaded microbubbles: a novel strategy toward more effective therapeutic outcomes in cancer. Poster: FIP congress in PSWC. Melbourne (Australia). April 13-16 (2014)

Phospholipids-based doxorubicin loaded microbubbles as a novel tumour theranostic agent. Presentation: The 8th Seoul-Kyoto-Osaka joint symposium on pharmaceutical sciences for young scientists. Osaka, June 10-11(2014)

The formation of doxorubicin loaded microbubbles and their role in tumour theranostics. Poster: iCeMS International Symposium. Hierarchical Dynamics in Soft Material and Biological matter. Kyoto, Sept. 23-26 (2015)

The Development of phase shift acoustic nanodroplets (PSANDs) and their potential use in ultrasound Theranostics. Poster: The 12th congress of the Asian Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. Kyoto, May 27-29 (2016)

The formulation and evaluation of nano-sized bubbles for sustainable gene expression in mice limb muscles. Poster: The 1st Workshop for Japan-Korea Young Scientists on pharmaceutical sciences. Kyoto, June 24-25 (2016)

The effect of pluronic F127 on enhancing retinol palmitate delivery in human corneal epithelial cells. E-Poster: World Ophthalmology Congress of the International Council of Ophthalmology. Barcelona, Spain, June 16-19 (2018)


The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT)

Global Education Seminar Award from the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, Japan




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